Snowshoe initiation

In Nordsud guides we offer you several ski products:

 3 hour baptism

A 3-hour morning to test the sensations of mountain skiing and know the basic operation of the material and technique. It is carried out in the area of ​​ull de Ter.

Price: 2 people € 120/3 people € 150

3 day induction course

3-day course to begin skiing, learning all the techniques of safety, techniques of ascent and descent to start circulating with guarantees.

Price per person € 150 (minimum of 3 people)

Guides à la carte

Guided tours to make crossings and reach peaks with ski mountain option 1/2 day and full day.

Price per guide 1/2 day: € 180

Price per whole day: € 220


Indicacions de les activitats:

Es necessari tenir un nivell d’esquí alpí alt.

Mínim 2 persones.


Durada de l’activitat:

Pot ser un mig dia, un dia sencer o un cap de setmana.



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