Besides alpine skiing, snow activities to suit all tastes

Cross-country skiing, snow rackets, sledging, snowmobiling, snowboarding, snowplough excursions, segwaying, snowpark… Besides traditional alpine skiing, there are loads of alternatives for having a great time in the snow with your family or friends. Fancy having a go at any of these activities?


Credit: Laurence Norah

Snow rackets

Rackets are the ideal activity for newcomers to the world of snow wanting to start off with something not too strenuous. They are also the perfect way to have fun with your family or friends and get to know the mountains in winter a bit better. They are simple to use – it is like walking, but a bit slower – and they fit easily onto mountain boots. This activity is available at ski resorts like Guils Fontanera, Vall de Núria, La Molina and Vallter 2000, where you can hire all the gear and explore different routes, either with a guide and on your own.
Pep Iglesias

Credit: Pep Iglesias

Cross-country skiing

Besides alpine skiing, there is also cross-country skiing. It is one of the most complete sports that exists: it gives the whole body a workout and the aim is to slide (not walk) over the snow. The cross-country ski resort par excellence is de Guils Fontanera, where you can hire all the gear and go on cross-country ski courses. Nothing beats the sensation of sliding over the snow.


La Molina, ski resort gives you the chance to try your hand at segwaying on the snow. This ecological, two-wheeled electric vehicle enables you to explore nature in a sustainable, fun way. It also has the advantage of being ideal for all ages, as it does not require any training or physical effort. Do you dare to have a go at it?


Who’s never sped downhill on a sledge? It’s one of the most enjoyable activities that there is for kids (and for adults, too!). At Vallter 2000 and La Molina you’ll find slopes reserved for sledges, with conveyor lifts to take you to the top and long hills to slide down, and you can go up and down as many times as you like! And if you don’t have your own sledge, you can always hire one at the resorts. A great experience for all the family!

Credit: Pep Iglesias


And as if all that wasn’t enough, at La Molina, Masella and Vallter 2000 you can also go snowboarding, snowmobiling or on a snowplough excursion, among other options. This winter there’s no excuse for not getting out there and enjoying the snow.