Port de la Selva Yacht Club

La Lloia, s/n | El Port de la Selva | 17489
972 387 000
Port de la Selva Yacht Club is located in the town of El Port de la Selva, a typical fishing village that has grown around its natural port. El Port de la Selva stands out for its white houses, which stand so close together that it seems as if they are seeking shelter from the tramuntana (north wind). They are an excellent example of popular architecture, set in stark contrast to the intense blue of the sea, and with the extraordinary backdrop of the mountains, where the green vineyards combine with the silver-grey olive groves. It comes as no surprise to discover that well-known painters and writers have extolled the virtues of the area, finding rest and inspiration in the solitude of the local scenery.

Situated in the bay of El Port de la Selva, to the north of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, at 42º 20’2 N – 03º 11’9 E, the yacht club has 304 mooring points for boats measuring between 6 and 12 long, sheltered by a breakwater from the north wind. However, when the west wind comes down the mountains where the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes is situated, it blows very hard in the port and across the singular landscape of the Cap de Creus Massif, tough and barren due to the intensity of the prevailing winds, with cliffs, rocks, islets and reefs, coves and bays. Furthermore, the sea floor, rocks and sediments combine to offer a wide variety of marine habitats. This diversity can be seen in the extraordinary aquatic flora, one of the best examples of which are the Posidonia Oceanica meadows and the coral beds.

The Port de la Selva Yacht Club offers all the activities and services necessary for you to make the most of your holiday or leisure time. It is in an ideal spot for sports such as sailing, diving, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and sport fishing.