La Garrotxa land of volcanoes, paths with history

The experience starts in Sant Pau de Segúries. From here we will follow the best preserved stretch of the Via Annia. We will stay in a small hotel in a rural area, with local products for dinner. The next day, we will follow the old road that connected the lands of Bianya with the domains of the county of Besalú, we will arrive until Olot. We’ll climb the Montsacopa volcano. We will stay a small hotel with charm. The next day we will follow a stone made trail that brings us to the heart of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park:  amazing volcanoes, unique forests and modern landscapes. The last day we will go to Hostalets d’en Bas where we will walk the royal trail for many centuries linked the towns of Olot and Vic.


Indicacions de l’activitat:

Mínim 2 persones.


Durada de l’activitat:

Quatre dies i tres nits