The never explained story of Christopher Columbus in Pals. Guided tour of burricleta historians.

Do you want to discover by e-bike a curious but well documented hypothesis? Explorer Columbus left from Pals on his first trip to America. Do you believe it? An historian guide will show you that at least, there are many reasons to think that that was certainly possible.

The meeting point is the medieval village of Pals. With the e-bike tour you will have the amazing opportunity to discover the highlights of this story in a relaxed and easy way: the medieval village of Pals, the old port and the rice fields. History, culture and nature: this tour has everything!


Indicacions de l’activitat:

Per a persones de més de 150 cm.

Ruta de 23 km.

Mínim: 4 persones.

Màxim: 25 persones.

Durada de l’activitat:

4 hores, possibilitat de ruta de tot el dia sota petició.