The Costa Brava, a centre for sailing and windsurfing

As well as kayaking and scuba diving, two of the most popular activities that you can take part in on the Costa Brava, there are plenty of other options available. These include sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddleboarding and despite being more unusual water sports they are equally exciting. Added to that, this year the Costa Brava will be the venue for various events connected with these particular water sports so you will be able to see the experts if you like.

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Skimming across the waves powered by the wind filling the sails of your yacht. It sounds fantastic, doesn´t it? Several yacht clubs up and down the Costa Brava offer the chance to try your hand at sailing and it really is never too late to learn something new. In addition, the option of adapted sailing is also available, giving people with reduced mobility the chance to enjoy the sensation of sailing, too.

And then there are two top events taking place. One is in Palamós, where the regatta with the second highest number of competitors in the world is held every year and is already a key event of its kind. It is thePalamós Optimist Trophy-Nations Cup , attracting over 500 yachtsmen from up to 28 different countries. And this year, Sant Pere Pescador will also host the F18 Catamaran European Championship.

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Windsurfing is a type of sailing where you speed over the water on a sail board. Keeping upright and letting the wind take you is not as easy as it might look and you need skill and strength to do so, but the sensation of freedom and the adrenalin that it releases make it all worthwhile. Various clubs on the Costa Brava offer windsurfing. This year Blanes will play host to the Raceboard World Championship, a competition packed with excitement, and the Ballena Alegre Campsite will be the venue for the World Windsurfing Championship. And you will probably be interested to know that the Costa Brava is where the Catalan windsurfer Marc Paré, twice under-21 World Champion, does his training and gets his kicks.
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Speeding over the waves pulled along by a wind-powered kite. This is what kitesurfing is all about and you can try your hand at Kiteexperience in Sant Pere Pescador and La Ballena Alegre Campsite on the Costa Brava. You can sign up for a course or, if you are already an experienced kite surfer, you can hire the gear and enjoy all the thrills of a day with the wind, sun, waves and the freedom of the open sea.

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Stand up paddleboarding

Unlike the other sports mentioned, stand up paddleboarding is a bit more relaxing and low-key. You don’t need waves to power you and so you can do SUP on lakes and rivers as well as on the sea. From your standing position on the board you get a better view of both the seabed and the surface of the sea. It is also an ideal sport to do with the whole family: it is suitable for all ages, though you should be able to swim in case you fall into the water. It is a good sport to get used to being on the sea, before going on to more energetic water sports.Kiteexperience and Estació Nàutica Roses – Cap de Creus are just two of the centres where you can have a go at this sport.

Water skiing

Water skiing is a classic water sport on the Costa Brava. If you like snow skiing in winter, why not try water skiing in summer? It is not quite the same, but it is very similar! Besides, in just a few sessions, you’ll get to experience the thrill of whizzing over the water. You can hire everything you need at Medaqua, Bravamar and Funtastic Empordà. Feel like having a go?