10 dives on the Costa Brava not to be missed

Under the sea along the Costa Brava there is a whole world teeming with life, with a huge variety of wildlife and vegetation. Nature reserves, rocky creeks, large well-lit caves, submerged hills, colourful meadows of gorgonians, sunken shipwrecks, bright colonies of red coral, and much, much more! The best way to discover it, of course, is by scuba diving or snorkelling. Here are the 10 best dives to explore this paradise up close, thanks to the over 30 specialist diving centres that can take you on this adventure. And if you feel like it, you can take advantage to get a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) diving qualification.



Crèdit: Jordi Chias

Platja d’Aro

Roca Roja

This elongated rock is half a mile from the coast and is a shelter for numerous species. The rock descends to between -9 and -30 metres and diving is interesting at any depth

Level: Advanced

Crèdit: Jordi Chias

Port de la Selva

Punta dels tres frares

This is a small bay where the dive starts off in shallow water to later drop irregularly among gorgonians with plenty of wildlife.

Level: Beginners



This is a formation of three submerged mountains. Dives begin at 8 metres, with slopes and drops, caves and narrow passages. It is home to groupers, scorpion fish, morays and a large colony of gorgonians.

Level: Beginners
Diving centres: Snorkel Diving Center, Triton Diving.


Canons de Tamariu

These are three magnificent underwater barriers that stretch forming parallel channels full of yellow and red gorgonians. It is frequented by groupers and lobsters as well as shoals of barracudas and, occasionally, sunfish.

Level: Advanced
Diving centres: Stollis Divebase



La Vaca

This well-known dive in the Medes Islands marine reserve is unique for its wide well-lit open spaces, covered with spectacular gorgonians. There is a wide array of the nature reserve’s incredible wildlife, from majestic groupers to colourful sea slugs.

Level: Beginners
Diving centres: Les Illes, Unisub Estartit, Diving Center La Sirena, Neptuno, Medas Poseidon, Calypso Diving Estartit, El rei del mar, Xaloc Diving Center, Aquatica, Ocean Sub Estartit, Medaqua, Escola Nautic & Diving.

Cap de Creus

Bau de Cap Trencat

This is the prolongation of the Cap Trencat headland. Its wide expanse, crammed with different types of landscape, nooks and crannies, is home to a myriad of different species, making it an exceptional spot for diving.

Level: Beginners


Cap Trencat

The dive starts with a gentle slope down among large rocks, where we can find sea bream, saddled bream, conger eels and the odd seahorse. From 20 metres onwards, you should find plenty of lobsters.

Level: Beginners


Punta dels Farallons

This dive is made up of a group of maze-like, vertical islets packed with red gorgonians and large numbers of sea bream, corb and shoals of fish. Rough sea tends to bring the odd tuna or sunfish and you may find coral.

Level: Advanced

Diving centres: Sotamar Diving Center.



The Boreas is a Second World War ship that was specifically sunk in 1989 for diving purposes. You can dive to between -20 and -32 metres and you will come across plenty of conger eels, sea bream and sea bass.

Level: Advanced

Illes Formigues

The submerged part of this group of islets stretches down to between -15 and -32 metres, forming underwater walls and platforms. Ray’s bream, sea bream, scorpion fish, morays and lobsters abound.

Level: Beginners
Diving centres: H20 Diving Center, Anemone Diving Center.

You can also find diving centres in L’Escala(International Diving Center, Dive Paradis, Orca Diving Center i Mateua Dive), Roses (Roses Sub, Cala Montjoi, CIR, Euro-Divers Spain, Roses Dive Center), Llançà (CI Cap de Creus) or Colera (Diving Center Colera).

At most diving centres you can also go snorkelling to explore the underwater vegetation and wildlife nearer the surface and in shallower waters, while at the same time having an equally fantastic experience.


If you would like to spend a few days on the Costa Brava and combine scuba diving and other water sports with, for example, hiking or cycling, you can stay at any of these places. They are all ideal for staying at with your friends or family.