The Headwaters of the Rivers Ter and Freser Natural Park

The Headwaters of the Rivers Ter and Freser Natural Park, located in the Ripollès county, contains the easternmost high mountains of the axial Catalan Pyrenees, and those closest to the sea.

The area has incredibly diverse landscapes, and hosts a wealth of different geological structures, ecosystems, habitats and communities.

Some of the most striking characteristics of the natural park include its unique high-mountain fauna, with marmots, chamois, mouflons, golden eagles and bearded vultures, and its great floral diversity, with flowering alpine meadows, high-mountain pastures and mountain pine forests. From a geological point of view, the surroundings of the Coma de Vaca valley help us understand glacial systems and their different substrata, within wide glacial valleys and deep river ravines, among other fascinating features. 

It is a livestock park, and stockbreeding as a way of life springs out at you from every nook and every valley. Human presence in these high mountains dates back to time immemorial, and good proof of this is the modulation of the landscape due to the grazing of domestic livestock, including mainly cattle and sheep, but also horses and even pigs at some points in history. 

Recent management of this high-mountain area as a natural park has made it possible, among other things, to establish eighteen itineraries to explore and understand all the advantages of this area, with its spectacular viewpoints. In an environment with a strong hiking tradition containing the first refuge opened in the Iberian Peninsula and some of the most emblematic Pyrenean paths, these itineraries help us appreciate the natural and cultural features of the park at their most striking. Go on, come for a walk!

The park is accredited with:

A collaboration commitment between the entity and the territory to work on responsible, sustainable and quality tourism management.


Les Barraques Mountain Pass

Path of Retreat, Molló

Núria Valley

Coma de Vaca Valley

Ulldeter Cirque

Núria valley, which belongs to the municipality of Queralbs, is singularly rich in its nature and its landscape. Dominating one of the highest points of Ribes valley, it is surrounded by peaks that almost reach heights of 3,000 metres, from which a myriad of springs and gullies emerge.

This is where the River Núria originates, and its waters flow through narrow, deep ravines carved into the rock, until it meets the valley of the Freser, the river that joins the Ter in the town of Ripoll.

Seven high-mountain valleys converge on the plain surrounding the Virgin of Núria Sanctuary, giving shape to its iconic lake, surrounded by domestic cattle and wild fauna. In addition to this enclave’s great tradition of spirituality and pilgrimage, it plays an important role in the origin of Catalan hiking, with its majestic peaks (Puigmal, Noufonts…) and one of the most emblematic mountain paths in the country, the old path to Núria.



Surface area

14.750 ha


Best time of year

All year round, although in winter it is covered in snow.



Planoles, Ribes de Freser, Queralbs, Pardines, Vilallonga de Ter, Setcases, Molló


Information centre

Plaça de l’ajuntament 4

Plaça Major 1



El Ripollès




Tel. 667116811

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